Company profile

Weifang Aipu environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd., established in 1994, is a member of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association (China Environmental Protection Industry Association). It is an environmental science and technology enterprise specializing in air pollution control, production and application of all kinds of environmental protection equipment as the base of industry. The registered capital of the company is 15 million yuan, with a total assets of nearly 180 million yuan.
EPU environmental protection has been developing for more than 20 years, and has accumulated rich experience in industrial air pollution control over the years. The ESP series dust remover is widely used in the dust pollution and material recycling of various industries, such as thermal power generation, cement, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, micro powder, industrial kiln, stone processing, machine processing, waste incineration and other industries.
The company has rich experience in air pollution control, and has strong technology research and development capabilities, production capacity and on-site construction capability. For many years, the company has successively carried on the Weichai Power Limited by Share Ltd, Shandong Yaxing group, Hui Sheng group Limited by Share Ltd, Shandong Sunshine Paper Group Corporation, Shandong Alliance chemical Limited by Share Ltd, Shandong Jade Trade corn Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhucheng de lys group, Shandong season wind group, Shandong Chung Chen group, The comprehensive air pollution control projects of nearly 100 enterprises such as Shandong Lu Li iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. are highly valued by users.
The blue sky equipment environmental protection equipment and Engineering Technology Research Institute is the only Research Institute in Weifang which specializes in environmental protection and environmental engineering technology, and a large number of top experts in the field of environmental protection and environment support the Institute. The Institute has gathered professors, doctors, senior researchers and returnees, including 1 Taishan scholars, 9 professors and 22 Ph. D. Chen Jianmin, the chief scientist, was awarded the honorary title of "innovative talents in Weifang". Liu Rutao was awarded the honorary title of "Weifang City scholars."
The Institute has a good cooperation with a number of domestic colleges and universities. It is the teaching and scientific research base of the environment and engineering of Nankai University; the foundation of the cooperation between Tianjin biomass solid waste resources and Technology Engineering Center; the basis for the transformation of scientific research achievements in the environmental science and Engineering College of Shandong University; and the practice teaching of the Shandong University environment science and Engineering Institute Foundation; environmental engineering technology research and development center of Weifang University; teaching practice foundation of Weifang University.
At the same time, technical cooperation with Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University and Shandong University and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, desulfurization, denitrification and industrial VOC management technology research and development, aiming at the market demand and industry characteristics joint technology to ensure that enterprises have higher innovative research and development ability.
In 2001, the company took the lead in the certification of ISO9002 quality system. The product was awarded a number of Expo Gold Awards and innovation awards through the three consecutive national environmental protection administration "environmental protection products".
In two times, the enterprise was named "China Patent Shandong Province star enterprise" and the AAA credit enterprise of Agricultural Bank of China. Since 2003, it has been appraised for many years as the outstanding private scientific and technological enterprises in Shandong province and the heavy contract and credit keeping enterprise in Weifang.